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Lace, Ribbon, Crochet Trims
Tiny Cakes                 Fleur de lys
Yellow Ruler             Hot Pink Ruler
Renaissance Ribbons; Tiny Cakes and Fleur de lys are 1" wide; Ruler is 5/8" wide; See drop down menu for per yard pricing.
Renaissance Ribbons is a high quality designer and specialty ribbon manufacturer.
May Arts Leaves Trim in Black out of stock, Pink out of stock and White; each leaf about 1/2" long; Price $0.98 per yard

Wide Black Vintage Lace;
about 2.5" wide; Price $0.89 per yard

May Arts Crochet Trim in 1.5" wide Brown and Ivory; See drop menu for per yard pricing.
May Arts Leaves Trim in Parrot Green, Burgundy, Gold, Silver & Rust (Brown); each leaf about 1/2" long; Price $0.98 per yard
Parrot Green
Burgundy         Gold           Silver            Rust
Pink/Parrot    Black/         Gold/
Green           White          Olive
May Arts Squares/Stitch Ribbon; Styles as shown; 0.5" wide;  Price $0.49/yard
4-Ply Baker's Twine; 20 yards/pack;  black, red or green; Price $1.59
ivory              pink           brown
May Arts Burlap String; 15 yards per pack;  Price $1.00

Green/Gold      Red/Gold
May Arts Metallic Line Ribbon; 1/8" wide; 5 yards per pack;  Price $1.29
May Arts 5/8" Crochet Trim; priced per yard; Deep Salmon Pink or Black; Price $1.39 per yard.
May Arts 5/8" Pink Satin Cutouts Hearts; 2 yards per pack; hearts about 3/8" across; Price $1.00
May Arts 3/8" Ivory Lace; 2 yards per pack; Price $1.00
Rennaissance Ribbons Black Tattoo and Black Paris Ribbons;  Black Tattoo 7/8" wide;  Black Paris 5/8" wide;  Both 100% polyester;  Black Paris text includes the names of several Paris landmarks;  See dropdown menu for per yard pricing.
Black Tattoo
Black Paris
May Arts Gold Fleur de Lis Satin Cut-outs;About 3/4" tall;  Price is per yard; Price $1.50
May Arts Leaves Trim; Price is per yard; Price $0.98
Light Blue                 Lavender              Fuchsia
May Arts Ivory Printed Ribbon; Available in Styles Shown; 3/4" wide;  Each pack contains 1 yard of one style;  Price $0.99
Crowns                   Fleur de Lis
May Arts Crochet Trim #3;  #421 is 1/2" wide; #361 is 5/8" wide; Price $1.39 per yard;
Now $1 per yard
421 ivory         361
                      lt. blue, lt. green, lt. pink
May Arts Ivory Music Ribbon; 3/4" wide; Price $0.99 per yard
May Arts Light Green Candy Cane Ribbon; 3/8" wide; Price 2 yards for $1.00; Now 4 yards for $1.00
May Arts  WD-14 Ribbon; 3/8" wide; Price 2 yards for $1.00; Now 4 yards for $1.00
May Arts Metallic Velvet Ribbon; 3/8" wide; Price $0.89 per yard; Now 2 yards for $1
Dark Silver         Gold                Red
BT98          MNN28                SD28         Orange leaves
May Arts Halloween Trim; BT98 is 1/8"; MNN28 & SD28 are 3/8"; See dropdown menu for pricing
May Arts 1.5" Floral Lace;  Brown; Price $0.69 per yard; Now two yards for $1
May Arts Ribbon; All styles are 3/8" wide; See dropdown menu for pricing.  All Prices 50% off.
Maya Road Trims; 1/2" wide; See dropdown menu for per yard pricing.
Prices 30% off retail.

Maya Road Velvet Scalloped Rick Rack Ribbon; 5/8" wide; Price: $1.50 per yard
Sale Price $1.05 per yard

Scroll down for the  lace tape!
50% off!

          Pale Green 19                Lt. Pink 19                  Dark Pink 19
         0.5" x 3 yards               0.5" x 3 yards              0.5" x 3 yards
Self Stick Lace Tape; Styles as shown;  Each roll is 3 yards long:  Price $7.99

May Arts Hearts Ribbon 343-14; 3/8" wide; Available in 2 yard or 5 yard packs;  See dropdown menu for prices.

May Arts Satin Hearts in Light Pink or Ivory; 7/8" tall;  Price $1.79 per yard

Lace tape is
50% off!
Price reduced in
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olive           burgundy       black