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Vintage Book Pages P025
Price 50 pages for $3.00
I love vintage book pages for backgrounds!  Your pack of 50 pages may contain children's books, reference book pages, dictionary pages and more!  All old!
Vintage Phillips 66         Playing Cards, P036
3.5 x 2.25", 5/package
Price $1.00
Used Foreign Postage Stamps, P038, 25/pack, 
Price $1.00/pack

Complete Piece of Vintage Sheet Music, P043, 1 piece (3-5 pages), Price $2.00
1910's Vintage Flinch Game Cards,   2.25 x 3.5", 15/pack, numbers 1-15,  P098
Price $2.49

I love the Flinch cards!  Numbers are wonderful in collages!  Each pack includes the numbers 1- 15.
Royalty Word Game Cards, 4/pack, 2.25 x 3.5", 4/pack,  P197,  Price $1.19
Vintage Skate Rental Tickets, 10/pack, 1 x 1.5", P209
Price $1.19, Sale Price $0.99

These tickets are a nice orange color!  A great collage element!
Jenni Bolwin Red/Black Extenstion Journaling Cards, 2.5  x 4", 6/pack; Price $3.00

 UK Bus Ticket Strips;  colors vary; 3 feet/pack;  1.25" wide"; Price $1.25
Endangered Wildlife                        Birds
Vintage Tea Cards; Endangered Wildlife or Birds;  2.75 x 1.5"; 10/pack; Price $2.59
This is a sample of the sort of tea cards you will receive.  I'll try not to include duplicates.
Vintage Used Birthday Cards; 5/pack; Price $2.59
This is a sample of the used birthday cards that you'll received.  Some were pulled out of old scrapbooks.

1945 German Russian Dictionary Pages; 20/pack; about 4 x 5"; Price $1.59

1920's German/Spanish Dictionary Pages; 20/pack; About 3 x 5.5"; Price $1.29

1897 German/English Dictionary Pages; 15/pack; about 7.5 x 5"; Price $1.59

1929 German/French Dictionary Pages; 20/pack; About 4 x 6"; Price $1.29

Mixed Bingo Card Blanks; 25 text weight sheets per pack; 5 per color shown; sheets about 8 x 8"; Price $1.79
Loose Merchant Stamps; S & H Green or Top Value;  25/pack.
Price $1.00/pack

Mixed Blank Raffle Tickets; tickets 2 x 1"; 100/pack; 20 of each five colors shown; Price $1.29
Mixed Admit One Tickets; tickets 2 x 1"; 100/pack; 20 of each five colors shown; Price $1.29
1930's Vintage Flinch Game Cards,   2.25 x 3.5"; 15/pack, numbers 1-15;
Price $2.49

1950's Vintage Flinch Game Cards,   2.25 x 3.5"; 15/pack, numbers 1-15;
Price $2.49

Off the Wall   
Seven Gypsies Fall 2011 Papertape; Off the Wall; 0.75" x 5 yards each roll;  3 rolls/pack; List Price $10.00; Our Price $8.50
1902 March's Thesarus Dictionary Book Pages; 12/pack; Pages about 8" x 11"; Price $1.99
Vintage Dennison Marking Tags:  40 per pack, 10 of each style;  See photo for sizes:  Price $3.29 per pack
New White Paper Doiles; available in 5", and 6"; 50 per pack; Price $1.79
Crystal BeachTickets; 2" long; 15 per pack; Yellow or Green or Mixed packs; Price $1.99
Vintage Dennison Consecutive Numbers; Self-sick; 100 numbers; Package is about 5 x 6"; Price $1.19
Tim Holtz Commute Tissue Tape;  Two rolls, each 16 yards long; Price $8.99
Vintage Shoe Price Tags;  20 assorted per pack; Each tag is about 1 & 3/8" x 1";  Price $1.99
1876 "The Bath Daily Times" Newspaper; 4 pages (2 front and back); 15" x 21"; Lots of advertisements and some news; Price $3.99
Early 1900's "The Nautilus, dedicated to the Art & Science of Self-Expression" Newspaper; 4 pages ; about 11" x 17"; Articles, ads, and more; Price $2.49
Early 1900's "Our Little Ones" magazines; 2 pages front and back; about 6" x 9"; articles for children, photos and illustrations of children with a Christian slant; Price $2.59 each
1920's "Adult Student" Magazine; about 6 x 9"; about 30 pages/issue; deals with Christian adult education; Price $4.99
Bulk Manila Tags; 20 per pack; See photo for sizes; See dropdown menu for pricing.
Library Index Cards;  Most begin with the letter "D" or "S"; about 3" x 5"; 20 per package;  Price $1.99
Buy In Roy Raffle Tickets; 10 per pack; Each ticket about 1" x 3"; vintage original stock; Price $1.99 per pack
Vintage Japanese/Chinese Character Cards; Cards about 2" x 3"; 10 per pack; Price $1.99 per pack
Bird and Flowers Pretty Playing Cards; 24 per pack; NOT ATC size; Price $1.99
Old French Postcards; Five per pack; Assorted scenes; Price $2.99

Vintage Small Math Flashcards; 2" x 3"; 10 assorted per pack; Price $1.99
Silver Foil Vintage Chocolate Milk Bottle Caps; face is a little under 2" across; 5 per pack; Price $0.99

Assorted Vintage Italian Book Pages; include English/Italian dictionary pages; 20 or 40 pages per pack; See dropdown menu for prices

Size of Pack
The Kitchen Sink Flash Card Pack;  Photos show samples of flashcards included;  no two packs are alike; About 45 flash cards per pack including math, music, word, letter, money, American history, American government and World History flash cards;  Price $3.99
3.5" white paper doilies; 50 per pack; Price $1.79

Black and White Heavy-weight rigid vintage bingo cards;  5.5" x 7.5"; 5 per pack; Price $2.99

1940's and 50's Vintage Checker Magazines; Each magazine about 8.5" x 6"; Average 15 pages per magazine;  5 assorted magazine styles per package;  Price $2.99

Vintage Fruit Receipts;  10 per pack;  5 of each shown; Receipts are 3.5" x 5.5"; Price $1.99 per pack

Mid 1800's Dictionary Pages; French/German; German/Italian; French/English; 30 assorted per pack; largest page is about 5" x 7"; Price $3.99
1918 Greek/English Dictionary Pages; 20 assorted per pack; Pages are about 5" x 7"; Price $2.99