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What is German Scrap?  German Scrap is a foiled paper cut into various shapes.  German Scrap is also known as Dresden Scrap or Dresden Paper Charms.  These lovely foiled paper items are not self-adhesive.  They must be attached with the adhesive of your choice. 
Mini Wings German Scrap, Gold, Silver, Black or Red, 12/pack, GS004; Price $1.79
These mini wings are fabulous!  They are about 2 inches wide.

Medium Angel Wings German Scrap, 7/pack, Pink, Turquoise, Iridescent White, Brown,  Purple and Gold, 2" across, Price $3.39
Red Angel Wing Mix German Scrap, 17/pack, GS022R
Price $3.50

Each pack of 17 contains 2 large angel wings (about 2.75" wide), 3 medium angel wings (about 2" wide) and 12 mini angel wings (about 1" wide).  
Swan Wings German Scrap, Black, Pink, Light Blue, Brown, Purple, Gold (not shown); Silver (not shown; White (not shown), 8/pack, GS023, Price $3.79
Six large wings (about 2.5" wide) and  2 small wings (about 1.5" wide). 
Gold Angel Wings German Scrap, 2.25 x 2.25", 6 per pack, GS026
Price $2.79

Large Angel Wing German Scrap, Pink, Turquoise, Brown, Silver or White (not shown), Copper (not shown) and Gold (not shown); 4/pack, 2.5" wide, GS074, Price $3.39

Small Angel Wings; Gold, or Purple German Scrap, 1" wide, 12 per pack, GS047; Price $1.79

Small Swan Wings German Scrap, Purple or White, 1.5" across,  24/pack,  Price $3.99
Small Light Blue Crowns German Scrap, 12/pack,
5/8" across,  
#7410505001, Price $2.50

German Scrap Wings, Crowns, Stars, & Moons!

Medium Candy Star German Scrap, Gold or Silver; about 1" across; 20 stars/pack,  Price $1.99
Large Crown German Scrap, Gold, Silver or Black, 12/pack, 1.5" across, GS001
Price $3.50
Small Crown German Scrap, Gold, Silver, Matte Black and Red, 12/pack, 5/8" wide, GS002
Price $2.50
Pope's Crown German Scrap, Blue, Black, Silver or Gold,  2" across at widest point,  6/pack, GS060
Price $2.39
Gold Mini Suns German Scrap, 1.75", 14 per pack, GS027
Price $3.00

Royal Crown German Scrap; Black or Gold,  1" across,  10/pack, GS067; Price $2.19
Large Star Mix German Scrap,  Purple, Red, Turquoise, Brown, Gold (not shown) or Silver. 26/pack, largest star is about 1.5", GS028, Price $4.20

Gold Large Star Mix German Scrap;  26/pack, largest star is about 1.5", #W749G; Price $4.20
Half Moon German Scrap, Gold, 14/pack, GS017
Price $2.80
Gold Small Stars German Scrap, 102/pack, 0.5", W8306
Price $2.99

Silver Royal Crown German Scrap; 1"; 8/pack; Price $2.19
Gold Small Swan Wings German Scrap; 1.5" across,  24/pack,  Price $3.99
8322 Gold Large Ornate Star German Scrap; 2.25"; 6 per pack; Price $3.99

Wearable Gold Crown German Scrap; Ornate, Shell and Flourish Styles; Price $2.99 each
These crowns are great for Halloween costumes, Christmas plays, etc. Alter them with jewels or brads.  Color them with alcohol inks. Distress them with acrylic paint.  Attach a ribbon at either end and wear a crown! Be royalty!

Tiny Silver Angels Wings; 1.25" across; 32 per pack; Price $4.79
Gold German Scrap Comets; Large or Small;  Price $2.99 per pack
8305 Gold German Scrap Stars; 81 per pack; Price $2.79
Large Gold Embossed Star German Scrap (8321); About 1 & 7/8"; 12 per pack; Price $2.99
Medium Gold Beaded Star German Scrap (8318); About 1 & 3/8"; 40 per pack; Price $3.95
Three and 1/2 Inch Gold or Silver Star German Scrap (8335); 3 & 1/2"; 1 per pack; Price $1.99
Gold Wearable Fleur-de-lys Crown;  23 1/4" x 2 3/8"; about a 7" diameter; Price $2.99
8316 Gold German Scrap Stars; about 1" across; 21 stars per pack; Price $1.99
7405 Gold Crown Set; 1 of each style shown per package; Each crown is about 3.5" x 6.75"; Price for the set is $4.99
8407 Gold Snow Star German Scrap; 2.5"; Price each $1.99